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However, Kazuya then arrives shortly after. Shin then tells them all that "the stage is set" and Heihachi Mishima then shows up. He then greets his two enemy family members and begins to taunt Shin.

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After Shin rips off his school shirt and reveals the Mutare Experiment's power surging through his body, he attempts to kill Heihachi by heavily punching him in the stomach, creating a shockwave similar to the Mishima Bloodline. After this, Heihachi viciously grabs Shin and reveals that he's not interesting in immortality.


Instead, his purpose is to obtain the Devil Gene. He then kills Shin, ridding the teenager of his immortality and the M-Cell's power. After Shin dies in the arms of Xiaoyu and Alisa, Jin claims that his family is a curse and decides to avenge Shin's death by taking down his grandfather. After Xiaoyu's failed attempt to stop the fighting, Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi all run towards each other and strikes with their fits.

The impact from the clash of their fits release a huge shockwave causing Xiaoyu to fall, Alisa manages to catch her however. All three had an epic triple threat brawl all the way down to the bottom of Kyoto Castle, causing destruction in their fight. After Heihachi defeats his son Kazuya, Jin seemingly defeats his grandfather by heavily punching him through a wall and sending him falling to his apparent death, avenging Shin. Afterwards, Jin is confronted by his father Kazuya, who haves regained conscious after being defeated by Heihachi. At that moment, Xiaoyu and Alisa arrive at the bottom of the castle, where they witness Kazuya has now transformed into Devil and badly wounds Jin, in an attempt to make his son transform into Devil Jin.

After Xiaoyu begs Jin not to transform, Alisa keeps her out of harm's way by trying to take down Kazuya. However, Jin shuts her down.

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Afterwards, Kazuya in his Devil form crushes Alisa in half by stamping on her, causing Xiaoyu to be thrown in despair. Jin then transforms in Devil Jin, in order to defeat Kazuya and finally put an end to the Mishima Bloodline. But he seems to lose control of the form during the fight.

Kazuya then easily defeats his son. But when he believes he's victorious, Jin finally takes control of his new Devil Jin form, and reveals to Kazuya that he can control the Devil's power, thus he never needed the M-Cell. He then successfully defeats Kazuya, declaring that the Devil's power is finally his. He then sends his father plummeting in a nearby waterfall, though Kazuya promises his son that this isn't over.

Blood Vengeance

It's unknown what happened to Shin's body before the triple threat fight. Back at Lee's mansion, both Nina and Anna are defeated. After Anna regains conscious, Nina then falls unconscious. After Anna orders that her sister to be taken away, Lee shows up, all amused and introducing himself to Anna. After he asks why she's sparing her sister, Anna reveals that she doesn't want to be a fool by ending the fun so soon. Afterwards, Lee gives her a thumbs-up and says his famous catchphrase, "Excellent".

Back at the ruins of Kyoto Castle, Xiaoyu is still crying over Alisa's destroyed body.

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After she and Jin have a sad conversation about their friendship, Heihachi is revealed to still be alive and underneath the castle, he destroys the coffin that unleashes the spirits of the Mokujin , which was the material that the castle was made out of. The remains are the latest fascinating find in Israel.

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In January, archaeologists announced the discovery of a large 1,year-old pool and elaborate fountain at the site of an ancient church near Jerusalem. Archaeologists also uncovered a stunning 1,year-old Christian mosaic in the ancient Mediterranean coastal city of Ashdod-Yam, now part of the modern city of Ashdod.