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Closure Area violations are ticketed by the BLM. They really are out there watching and you will be ticketed. Then you will be returned to the back of the Exodus line. Sounds fun, right? Also, some areas of the playa are thick mud hidden by a seemingly dry surface.

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Every year vehicles get stuck in that muck trying to escape the line. We laugh and point at the cheaters. You need to have more people out there during Exodus! Are you guys too busy partying or did you already catch an airplane ride out? Oh yeah?

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Well… come on out and join us as a volunteer! Or did you party too hard during the week to come help with Exodus? All snarkiness aside, staffing during Exodus is a major challenge for us. And it is for the reasons you are thinking. Everyone is exhausted and just wants to go home and take a shower. No one wants to stand out in the sun and the dust.

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So, sign up and come out. So no, we were not partying. The road out during Exodus was really bumpy. We do try to maintain the surface with watering, but watering has its limit.

The slower you drive coming into and going out of the event, the less Gate Road is torn up. What can be done about all of the dangerous lane passing on the highway? We do a lot to educate people of the dangers of passing on Highway They know. They have to. All we can do is keep telling people.


Maybe next year we will print a billboard with the image of one of the terrible accidents that occurred on Highway after the event, as a graphic reminder to those who would risk everything to get to Reno 10 seconds earlier. Do you think it would work? Is there a place I can dump my trash on the way home? There are many authorized locations that will happily take your trash and recycling for you. As tempting as it may seem, you may not dump your trash in privately-owned dumpsters or dumpsters at stores and commercial centers.

Every year we get complaints from local citizens about this issue. And if you dump your trash on the side of the highway you are ultimately making others in your community clean up after you, and that is truly unprincipled and lame. Why do I see trash along the side of the highway after the event?

We encourage participants to secure their loads properly. Many do. A small percentage do not. Please act responsibly and make sure to pack your loads, including trash, securely!

Pulsing does accomplish two objectives: It makes Exodus more enjoyable for the masses since they are allowed to take a break and mingle with their neighbors during stopped periods. It saves fuel. Occasionally something weird happens: A vehicle breaks down and instead of traffic deciding to go around the vehicle, they merge with the lane next to them. Someone moves some cones and starts an unauthorized merge. Use all available lanes on Gate Road until you hit the back-up.

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All lanes on Gate Road during Exodus are outbound lanes, always, always, always. Once you are in the 8-lane-wide back-up, if the vehicle in front of you is stopped or broken down, and traffic in front of it has moved on in a Pulse, go around the stopped vehicle. Do not change lanes! Do not merge into the lane next to you. Go around the stopped vehicle, and stay in your same lane. If a lane is open next to you because a vehicle is stopped or broken down, despite your inclination, do not fill into it unless an Exodus staff member directs you to. That open space is for the people behind the stopped vehicle!

If you merge into an open lane in the back-up, you are making the system unfair and are being a jerk. Ultimately we must rely on the community to police itself and ensure their fellow participants are respecting the process. If you see people cheating the system, say something!

There is no way for us to monitor all of Gate Road for lane changing…nor do we want to be the traffic police. YOU can help make it fair by informing people about the process and making sure they follow it. Here are the primary reasons we have not implemented a reservation-based Exodus system: Such a system takes a lot of people power e. Verifying registration would require slowing traffic before Gate Road, which will in turn slow down the rate at which people can get onto Gate Road.

Without a significant redesign, traffic inside BRC could become gridlocked. One thing we have learned about Burning Man is people rarely stick to their intended timeline. To get 70, people to stick to a specific window of time may very well be the most difficult part of this idea to solve. Another thing our Gate experience tells us is that verifying Exodus registrations and enforcing rules will not be a simple process. We will no doubt hear many stories traffic to get from my camp at was worse than I thought, but I really did leave in time!

My campmate burned my registration slip in an offering to the Man but this really is my time window! I have a flight that leaves in a few hours, please I need to get out faster! Each vehicle that pleads their case in turn holds up traffic for everyone else, and this ultimately will cause significant inefficiencies in the system.

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Remember how we said this type of system would require a lot more people power? Despite our calls for help from the community, we continue to struggle to find enough people to manage the bare basics of Exodus e. We understand most people are tired by the end of the event, and many need to get home. We need volunteers to help run all parts of this process. Let us deal shrewdly with them, so that they may not increase; otherwise in the event of war they may join our enemies in fighting against us and rise from the ground. So they set taskmasters over them to oppress them with forced labor; and they built garrison cities for Pharaoh: Pithom and Raamses.

But the more they were oppressed, the more they increased and spread out, so that the [Egyptians] came to dread the Israelites.

Ruthlessly they made life bitter for them with harsh labor at mortar and bricks and with all sorts of tasks in the field. The king of Egypt spoke to the Hebrew midwives, one of whom was named Shiphrah and the other Puah,.

The Exodus (Biblical Conspiracy Documentary) - Timeline