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Patricia Dwyer wants to help businesses become future-ready. Her company The Purpose Business advises high-profile clients such as MTR Corporation, Jardine Matherson, Huawei and Vitasoy how to minimise their impact on the planet and fulfil their potential as responsible businesses. Marisa Yiu improves the designed environment both through her own work and by stimulating the creativity of others.

She is also co-founder and executive director of Hong Kong charity Design Trust, which champions high-quality design, offering financial support to design projects from graphics and media to wearables and architecture.

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Juliette Gimenez helps consumers find the fashions they want, and helps brands turn interest into sales. Her start-up Goxip is an app that allows users snap a photo of any fashion item and, using powerful image recognition and smart search technology, find that item or its equivalent online, and then buy it.

The company announced its expansion to Singapore in August Last year she also launched RewardSnap, an app that allows social media influencers to measure and monetise their content by pairing them with premier brands. The company launched in Hong Kong in and has since expanded to Singapore and Taipei, with plans in the works for Mainland China.

Jamie Chiu is trying to help young people become comfortable with who they are and compassionate to those around them. Holder of a doctorate in clinical psychology, she is the founder of Good Brain Labs , which creates mobile games that help to improve emotional awareness and build resilience.

Gina Wong is breaking down barriers through the medium of global cinema. She is the founder of the Pineapple Underground Film Festival , the only independent event of its sort in Hong Kong, which in its nine years has screened more than films from more than 30 countries. She's also the founder of Experimenta, an independent Hong Kong performance art space. Michelle Poon is redifining what it means to be a hacker. As a leader, make sure underrepresented creatives are considered for promotions, receive feedback to get to higher positions, and create action plans that help build leadership skills.

Do not penalize or discredit people for needing work-life balance and flexibility. Be supportive of all people in your workspace. Use gender-neutral language in the workplace ask and use peoples correct pronouns. In addition, women and non-binary voices are often not heard or their ideas get lost in meetings.

Make sure they have their physical spot in conversations, not getting elbowed out by others. If someone interrupts them, be direct and ask the interrupter to wait for their turn to speak. Do not normalize forms of sexism by accepting mansplaining , manterrupting , gaslighting or bropriating. If you see this behavior online, you can report the behavior or language.

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To stop sexist and racist behavior, we must adopt a zero tolerance policy. The act of explaining things in a condenscent way to a woman immediately assuming she does not have sufficient knowledge about a certain topic. Then he explains obvious things to women as they are incapable of understanding it.

It is the emotional violence of manipulating a woman making her question her own sanity or capacity. He is the personification of gaslighting. Women earn less than men in of major U. The most effective way to change the pay gap in the industry is hiring women and non-binary people, paying attention to their results and efforts, and rewarding them equally.

Huge news for Hong Kong women! Train to launch a global online makeup business!

It sounds simple, but we are not always aware of how much unconscious misogyny we might have. This means constantly questioning ourselves and making equality a central topic in our lives. This finding echoes the lower value placed on women in the workplace. The trans and non-binary communities experience poverty at 4x the rate of the general population. Studies and conversations about the gender pay gap need to be more inclusive, rather than just about comparisons between cisgender men and women.

Sexual harassment is still a major problem. But even when they do report it, little is done. More than half of the official allegations of sexual harassments result in no charge. Motherhood also plays a big role in the industry, as women with children have less of a chance of being hired. We can do this without consciously realizing it. It is our duty to stay open-minded to our own human defects, and continuously take a critical look at our own behaviors and privileges. Examples of privileges include being white, cisgender, college educated, physically or mentally healthy, or financially stable.

Why does this matter? Privilege can affect everything from how someone is treated in society on a daily basis to what basic human resources a person has access to. If you have privileges, you can use them to help fight for equality of more marginalized, less privileged people.

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Feminism does not only champion the equality of white, cisgender, straight women. Feminism is inclusive of all people, championing equality for everyone — no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, age or ability. Our NYC-based events are free to allow access to all people regardless of financial backgrounds. Occasionally, some of our other chapters charge a small fee to cover the hard costs of their events speakers, space, etc.

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If you do, make sure to attend an event and ask the hosts if you can assist them in any way! At our NYC events, we make sure that all our venues are accessible, and we encourage all chapters to do the same! If you are hosting an event, make sure to use this checklist to make sure your event is accessible and that you have accessibility information listed for upcoming events. If you have space you can offer up in your city for events or can provide free wine or food for one of our events, do contact us about sponsorships! Email us at info ladieswinedesign.

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