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Yes, sometimes in the midst of their classes, I think maybe I am. But the more classes I run with them, the more important I am starting to realise these classes are. But what if I tell you that these are the very reasons why you should teach your kids to cook?

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What if you teach them that cleaning up the mess they make is an important part of cooking? And because they have to clean up after themselves, they learn to be less messy. What if this carried over to other parts of their life, and they started to clean up after themselves?

And lastly, patience: What if being more patient with them in the kitchen taught you to calm your responses to other things that happen? I mean, not just in the kitchen, but in other areas in your relationship with your children? How do you think this could transform your household?

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I have never had formal training in the kitchen. I learnt some basics in high school — like how to make scrambled eggs — but mostly I learnt from watching my Mum and Nan as a little girl.

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Then, I learned more out of necessity when I moved out of home. I am not a Masterchef, but I do count myself as a smart cook. Everything I cook, I need to be able to use it another way, preferably 3 ways. This way I can use the same ingredients and methods to make lots of different meals. I usually give the kids 3 options of what they can cook in their class, and let them choose from those options. In fact, I have discovered mess is our friend because we get more laughs when that happens.

And they actually learn not to do that again next time. We always tell our kids our brain grows from mistakes. At first our classes were very structured and I focussed on trying to get them to do everything the right way.

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Now, I just let the class unfold and improvise. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Subscribe to followup comments via e-mail. Sign up for our brand new Hot Deals email list! Sign Up Here.


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Her brand-new page ebook, Training Your Children in Home Economics , addresses why learning home economics skills are important and then covers a number of different areas to train your children in, including: Money Management Hospitality Simple Sewing Skills Gardening Meal Planning Meal Preparation Kitchen Safety Food Safety Microwave Safety Table Manners Laundry Skills In addition to lots of helpful information, this ebook has reproducible progress sheets and simple shape sewing patterns that you can print and use over and over again. I'm so jealous! This is totally why I've started trying to teach my kids some of these skills because I've been setting my kids up to be just like me when they grow up.

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I realized I had learned how to mother from my mother. I would love it if my older kids could make all of those things!

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That is good incentive for me to keep working with them. Both of my older kids have some special needs though, so I know that adds a kink in the system.

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I give my younger ones kiddie scissors to use for cutting up things like olives, hard boiled eggs, pepper strips, etc. Yes, I can't imagine doing it without the older kids to help. You're welcome! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating.

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